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Olivia-Fay & Joolz Traveller


There is a quote: You can’t have enough clothes.

Let me introduce to you the quote by family Janssen: You can’t have enough luggage for holiday.

When we decided to go on a family holiday, the first thing that came up was: Oh my new Zara heels are coming with me, for sure!

The second thing (this had to be the first thing of course ;)) that came up: how and what are we taking with us for baby Olivia-Fay?

Travelling with a child can be very difficult or you can make it just as easy as you want.

Cause Joolz is helping you!

My dad told us that we had to drop off the stroller at the drop off with our luggage…. Wait what?

But my Joolz stroller is new and i want to keep it that way!

Let me introduce to you the Joolz traveller!

The bag is gorgeous! And remember, this is a Louis V & Chanel lover who is saying this.

It has leather details, it’s water resistant, handy to handle, it has two wheels, it folds away.

And the important thing of all, your stroller will fit perfectly in it and it’s protected.


Arrived! Including all of our luggage!


Mister Louis and the Joolz traveller in Turkey.


Inside of the bag.


In the bag in the front are the accessories.


Also perfect to put some diapers in it. Smart packing.;)


Tadaaa! The Joolz traveller at the pool!


Happy mommy!


And a very happy Olivia-Fay.


Family holiday picture.


Mister Louis and the Joolz traveller.


Time to head back home after a perfect family holiday.

And between you and me, my new Zara heels were in the bag as well…. 😉

For more information or to order one: Joolz Traveller

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    October 29, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    Ahhh!!! Love love this sis!! How awesome is this stroller!!!! So compact! Ur holiday Picts looks amazing!!! Xxx

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