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Fall & Overknee boots

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 Soooo Holland is pretty cold…. Just came back from the lovely sun in Turkey.

From 30 degrees to 10 degrees….

So bye summer dresses & sandals and hello boots!

To make this new cold season a bit more comfy, you have to start it with new warm and hot boots.

And i found new & warm boots.

These grey cuties will keep me warm and hot. Cause these length for boots is pretty damn hot right?

It will be a hot fall!

Outfit by TheHouseofKelly.comOutfit by TheHouseofKelly.comOutfit by Outfit by Outfit by TheHouseofKelly.comOutfit by

You can shop these hot & other hot booties here: Boots

But also many other gorgeous & hot shoes: Sooco

Top: StyleRepertoire

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Chanel

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