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Most of you know that i gave birth to our precious daughter, Olivia-Fay last July.

Luckily i had a very good pregnancy, felt really good, was still able to keep sports for 3 times a week and after i gave birth my body recovered really good and i was back in shape after a few weeks.

But a little treatment and massage for your body never hurt of course. Then i heard about LPG treatment.

It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making skin soft and clean.

Sounds perfect to me and i was curious to try it. I had 5 treatments and i will tell you more about this treatment.

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I went to KNAP Amsterdam, they work with the official equipment of LPG.

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This is what KNAP is saying about the treatment:
Endermologie is a treatment for cell stimulation developed by LPG.
Subcutaneous fat cells are stimulated to release and to produce collagen.
It can be treated very focused in areas certainement by the precision of the device.
Over more, the production of collagen makes for a smooth and youthful skin.
An endermologie treatment is 100% safe and not painful. So you can lose fat quickly and permanently without surgery.

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Because successful treatment starts with a good diagnosis, the LPG specialist first assesses the condition of your skin to determine your goals and create the treatment program that best suits your needs. Using the tablet based LPG scan, the LPG expert determines your morphotype and aging model, she defines the areas to be treated, she analyzes the tissue quality and performs an initial photographic evaluation.

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You receive a “body suit” during treatment. This helps the cylinders better glide over the body and protect your skin.

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Once you have placed themselves comfortably on the treatment table, the LPG expert prepares the system. Then the treatment head is moved over your entire body or face, the direction lines and settings are adjusted according to your objective and perception.

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KNAP: From the first treatment, you will notice that the treated areas are clogged less compact and less.

Moreover, much lighter your legs feel. Your skin will also feel softer and smoother.

The results after 6 treatments even more visible: vetvolumes decrease, fat deposits begin to disappear and your skin becomes tighter.

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For the best result, get or stay in a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the best result: visit KNAP every once a month for a treatment.

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My result after 5 treatments: A smooth skin & a very happy Kelly.

I had a super good experience with LPG & specially with KNAP.

For more information go to: Knap Institute

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